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Today I sent Nas a message.

Hello Mr. Jones,

This is a long shot, but I’m a proactive dreamer with a hustler’s ambition so here it goes. I noticed you started following me many months ago on AngelList, I’m assuming it’s because of my music background. I’ve been working in the music and television industries for the past 8+ years but I know I’m capable of more than what I’ve accomplished so far and I want to explore my potential, my creativity, and my entrepreneurial spirit by pouring my heart into something I care about. My goal is to work at a start-up where I’ll be able to contribute my talents to every department and team member, to be a part of a team with the intense drive and motivation to build a skyscraper from toothpicks. With strengths in the music and entertainment industries and with a production and marketing background, I am very versatile, confident, a quick learner and adaptable to any surrounding. I want this change and I am going to put everything I have into making it work.

Mr. Jones, I respect you immensely as an artist and even more as a businessman with a vision. If you have any advice for someone such as myself who is embarking on a career transition, or if you ever need a trustworthy, hardworking team member, I would love to hear from you. The last show I was working on has come to a close and I am taking this opportunity to steer my career in a new direction. A tough situation, I am looking to the people I respect the most for any morsel of advice and for any glimmer of opportunity.

Thank you so much for your time,

Lisa Solimeo

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The Thing About Running

The thing about running is it’s a mental workout just as much as physical. Once you condition your body, build those muscles up, and learn to control your breathing…you just have to go until your mind tells you to stop. If you tell yourself you’re tired, you’ll be tired. If you tell yourself you’re strong, you’ll speed up. If you tell yourself you can do it, you’ll kill it. 

I never understood why people ran. I tried it 2 years ago, running to run. Started from square one with C25k, an amazing app that trains you to go from nothing to a 5k. I remember the first time I ran 10 minutes straight, I was so proud of myself. 10 minutes! Without a break! Without dying! I called my boyfriend at the time (who competes in triathlons) and was so excited to tell him! He was happy for me, he didn’t really get it, but it didn’t matter. I was proud of myself and motivated to see how much further I could go. Then he came back from his summer away and I stopped running because I had him back.

This summer my schedule is flexible and running is the only thing in my life I feel that I am able to control and improve on. I picked it back up 2 or 3 months ago, again starting from a little above zero.

Today I ran for 64 minutes straight, 6.04 miles, no breaks, and I could have kept going. That feeling of accomplishment from doing something you never thought you could do is something I wish I could bottle up and drink when I feel down, when I’m losing, and when I need a boost.

How far will I get? Now I just need to get faster.  

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I have a friend who is great. We met on tour, he lives in another country, we never see each other, but we have Words With Friends. Top rivals in the strategic yet very much based on luck word game, we have grown our friendship over the years by chatting within and in between games. 

We were tied. We each won the same amount of games. He suggested we play one more game to decide who the true champion is, and to make things interesting, we’ll place bets. And to make it ceremonious, we will start the game when the clock strikes midnight under the Blood Moon.  If he won, I’d make and send him an original work of art. If I won, he would write me a heartfelt letter of congratulations. This was serious. The game starts, neck and neck, each word giving my opponent (friend) a chance to take the lead, each letter challenging me to make the most points, use the best spots, block his potential moves. Days go by (we play slowly), the sweat on my brows comes and goes, and it gets down to the final letters…this is everything. With all my brain power and WWF skills, I’m able to gain the lead. Last words. Fingers crossed. I did it. I did it! I won. I felt bad. But I won!

I got my letter, along with a photo of him and a koala and a pog. Perfect. 

This last game became the first of many games with stakes on the line, each one beginning under the next full moon. I’ve sent him works of art, he’s sent me music, it’s been awesome. 

Tonight I made him a plaster WWF trophy that I need to spray paint gold and send to him. It’s a letter tile trophy with an ‘A’ for his first initial. He whopped my butt by more than 100 points. 

Revenge is mine though, I won the game that just ended and he is making me a classic mixtape on a cassette. I need to get my talk girl from my parent’s house so I can be ready to listen to the handcrafted masterpiece once it arrives in my mailbox. 

Our friendship has truly blossomedd, and for that I’d like to thank Words With Friends. 


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Does making this post mean I’m putting positive energy out there? 

Give me your positive energy. 

Beach day tomorrow. I’ve spent a lot of this summer near and on and in water. That’s the way to summer. 

Just because I’m having a beach day doesn’t mean I’m not going to apply to more jobs and negate the positive energy I’m stealing from here.  I’m still going to work. Just with a better tan. And by better, I mean maybe begin to attempt to even out my incredibly defined tan lines. 



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sometimes I want a haircut and get it and then I don’t like it but sometimes I do and then it’s hot and you’re like oh yeahh…this haircut feels amazing, but other times I just want longer hair back. 

I need more things to think about. 

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Today was a good day

A very happy day despite the fog and mist. 

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