"Illmatic means realness. It means the epitome of ill, it means…nothing sugar-coated. It means: In your face."

Part 1 of our 3-part Illmatic retrospective featuring DJ Premier, Irv Gotti, Pete Rock, Large Professor, Miss Info & Nas himself

Watch Parts 2 & 3 on Fuse.TV

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John Mayer covering Beyonce’s “XO” live at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in Australia on April 15th, 2014. 

I love this man. 

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Today at lunch we saw Paul Giamatti. 

Then tonight walking home from soccer I passed Katie Holmes. 


Today at lunch we saw Paul Giamatti. 

Then tonight walking home from soccer I passed Katie Holmes. 


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My interior decorating asthetic

I want people to feel happy, comfortable, and curious when they walk into one of my spaces. That is my interior decorating mission statement. 

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I can’t stop listening to Lo-Fang's album Blue Film. The song above, “Boris,” is my favorite record on the album. It’s dreamy and seductive. Plus, he’s a babe. He performed his song #88 on Letterman and at one point someone in his band was playing a skateboard binding. (watch) 

Currently on tour opening up for Lorde, we are interviewing him tomorrow and I’m very much looking forward to meeting him. 

Check him out! <3

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John Mayer/Steve Jordan/Pino Palladino/Chick Corea/Wallace Roney

Here’s a full seven minute tune I loosely composed called “Little Sur,” recorded last February in New York City. I got together with some of my friends and favorite players for six amazing days of playing music with no rules, no plans, and no pressure. Oh, and no vocals. What came from it was a really inspired batch of recordings. Hours of music that I’ll need to sift through at some point should it ever become an album. (I hope it does.) If you’re wondering where I am in the mix, that’s me playing a 6 string bass-like guitar… Pino and I are kind of both living in the bass space. As soon as Chick came in on the piano, I knew something really deep was taking place.  This is a rough mix that was given to me at the end of the day, as it has lived on my laptop since.

I tried to find a minute, two minute clip to share with you, but these recordings just don’t work any other way than in their unabridged form. So here it is. Free music. Played freely, shared freely. Put it on and go for the ride… If you dig all seven minutes, then surely you deserve them. 

There are times for marketing strategies, and there are times for just  p l a y i n g. The original design for all musicians.  Hope you enjoy hearing this as much as I did. 


so lovely

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Sometimes I Type Things has turned into Oftentimes I Reblog Furniture Things

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Illuminated Headboard

love love love this idea for a headboard. I want to do it. 

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so reminiscent of the beautifully ornate garden area where the walls are full of mirrored decals to reflect candle light, providing illumination all around at the Amber Fort in India. 

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